What is DOVA Lite?

What can make your office management feasible and quick; and the workload ratio reduced? Well!  both DOVA Lite and DOVA Pro can do the job for you. However, DOVA Lite is a lower version that comes with limited features which, of course, eventually makes it more affordable. If you are looking for a machine learning management system for your office or firm but your requirements are less, then you to go for DOVA Lite without giving it a single thought.

DOVA Lite manages your

  • Sales visits, Projections, and Statistics meaning records where you go and make your sales, how many sales you make in a particular time, be it a month, a week, or a year. All these transparent records keep the ambiance of the office void of any kind of differences and quarrels.
  • Collection Statistics of how many sales each person of a particular team has made in a particular timeframe.
  • Payment Collection and analysis of all the transactions within the office- sales, salary of employees, expenditure on maintenance, branding cost, etc.
  • TA/DA Management & Timesheet Management helps you handle your TA and DA, plus, the task and schedule management. You or any senior can assign a task to your or their fellow team and set a target for the same.
  • Customer Database is a portal where you can keep all your information stored of your customers time-to-time. It helps you a lot when you want to reach back to the same customer(s) again on urgent grounds.
  • Employee Listing & Feedback Tickets are basically what you call customer and employee feedback in layman language.


Features of DOVA Lite:

  • Transparent sales and returns records.
  • Foolproof accounting and finance data.
  • Studies the working pattern of every user.
  • Manages all your data virtually.

Therefore, Dova Lite makes your and your employees’ job easier with artificial intelligence performing the mentioned features technically at an affordable rate. It provides you the services of two employees at almost the cost of salary of only one employee. If you can get more productivity with less input, then why not choose it? DOVA exactly gives it to you. Much in less time, much with less effort.

by Divya_Batra , Nov. 25, 2020, 7:48 a.m.

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