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Transform Your Organization with Our Proven Inclusive Leadership Program

  • Foster an inclusive culture of creativity, innovation and exceptional performance
  • Leverage the full potential of your diverse workforce
  • Develop leadership competencies for the 21st century workplace

Dimensions of Inclusivity


Employees/Individual Contributors

  • Acquire the skills and competencies necessary to be empowered based upon performance and potential.
  • Learn the interpersonal skills necessary to engage in challenging dialogue and feedback for professional development and success.
  • Design and proactively implement a career development plan inclusive of critical learning experiences.
  • Request, design, and ensure engaging work that requires creativity, innovation, and meaning.
  • Establish inclusive relationships among co-workers based upon trust, acceptance, and mutual support.


  • Empower employees in proportion to competency, demonstrated performance, and potential.
  • Establish, by example, an open and honest environment for dialogue and transformation among all employees.
  • Provide mentoring and coaching based upon an employee’s career development and workplace responsibilities.
  • Learn the backgrounds and professional aspirations of those you manage in order to engage their passion, creativity and innovation, and commitment.
  • Establish an inclusive workplace based upon a cultural measurement instrument, employee feedback, and equitable opportunity for success.

Performance-Oriented Inclusion

  • Performance is the final measurable output for which one can apply a judgment of its value.
  • The process of creating high performance in the business world might be modeled as the confluence of empowerment, inclusion, and engagement
  • The major resistances are commonly differences in human perceptions, such as resistance to transformation (mind-set) and change (the way things are organized and done).
  • The prominent relationship-oriented differences include race/ethnicity, sex/gender, culture/ethnocentrism and a variety of other dimensions in order to effectively lead and manage today’s highly diverse workforce.

Information Technology and Generations

The experiential process of identifying barriers across generations

One of the continuing challenges for leadership in today’s workplace is bridging the gap between younger and more mature workers in terms of information technology.

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Why Inclusive Leadership?

Drive Innovation

Leverage diverse perspectives to foster creativity and innovation in problem-solving and decision-making.

Enhance Engagement

Create a sense of belonging and value for all employees, leading to higher engagement and retention.

Boost Performance

Leverage the full potential of diverse teams to achieve superior results and outperform the competition.

Attract Top Talent

Build an employer brand that attracts and retains top diverse talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Industries We Serve

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Financial Services

We have extensive experience working with banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial institutions to build inclusive cultures and develop inclusive leaders.


From startups to global tech giants, we help technology companies leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation, attract top talent, and better serve diverse customers.


We partner with healthcare organizations to develop inclusive leaders who can effectively manage diverse teams and provide culturally competent care to diverse patient populations.

Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services

Why Inclusive Leadership Matters

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, inclusive leadership is essential for:

  • Attracting and retaining top diverse talent
  • Driving employee engagement and productivity
  • Innovating to meet the needs of diverse customers
  • Enhancing your organization's agility and resilience

Our immersive program equips leaders with the mindset and skills to unleash the power of diversity.

Inclusive team

Program Overview

Uniquely designed for maximum impact, our Inclusive Leadership program covers:

Module 1: Resolving Unconscious Bias

A Focus on Self-Mastery

  • Identifying unconscious perceptions that limit employee potential
  • Permanently resolving patterns of exclusion
  • Adopting cognitive and behavioral skills to eliminate counterproductive biases

Module 2: Leveraging Human Potential

A Focus on Managing Equity and Performance

  • Defining equity as it relates to diversity, engagement and performance
  • Supporting the success of diverse employees
  • Engaging in an immersive case study on diversity, equity and inclusion

Module 3: The Power of Inclusion

A Focus on Cultural Transformation and Integration

  • Assessing your cultural competence
  • Understanding how dominant value systems can exclude diverse perspectives
  • Taking action to create an inclusive culture

Module 4: Creating a Leadership Support System

A Focus on Commitment to Action

  • Designing strategies to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion goals
  • Generating measurable action plans
  • Ensuring leadership commitment and accountability

Innovations International has been a prime consultant to Sempra Energy and its family of companies over the past five years. They have repeatedly proven themselves to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable support team on a wide variety of ‘people’ issues – helping to keep Sempra Energy on the forefront of diversity management.

Diversity and inclusion

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